Novels to Consider for 2.9

Here are a list of a few novels that you could consider to use for the 2.9 assessment. The theme of justice is prominent in each of these texts. These are a good place to

2.9 Wide Reading

Here is the Internal Assessment Resource for your 2.9 Personal responses internal assessment. Make sure you read over it carefully. Here are annotated examples for the assessment. Look over them for a deeper understanding of


Weekend Work.

Here are the questions we worked on in class so that you may finish them off if you haven’t done so already. For your investigations, write you suspect in the comments and detail why you


For those who missed today.

Here is what we worked on in class today. It has reached that time for you to become detectives yourself and start looking for the clues to who is behind the death of Marston. Who


Tuesday’s Relief

Write down each guest’s crime and everything they say/reveal about it through dialogue and thought. Then write it up on the whiteboard. When creating your ranking make sure you are prepared to say why each

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