Thursday 23rd October – period 1

Hi all, In order to make the last 2.3 revision as seamless as possible, you are to go to the teacher and classroom you have been assigned to below: Mrs Plunkett – room 21 Ruby

Weeks 2 and 3 organisation

Hi all, please see the organisation for weeks 2 and 3 of this term. If you have any queries, please get in touch with me.

Speech structure

Here are the notes on speech structure.


Here are the notes on the general outline for your speeches:

Attention All!

I have updated the unfamiliar text post with the poem related to the second question in the exam. Have a look over it.

Essay prep

Here are the notes on answering questions and developing ideas: Here are the example questions we looked at in class: Here is the excellence exemplar we looked at in class:

Example of Unfamiliar

This is an example of what to expect in an unfamiliar text exam and an example of an excellence answer. The text is only relevant to the first question. Have a read and think about



Here are the notes on the modes of appeal:

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